Student Trustees

Student Trustees 2023-2024

 Emma Hong

Emma Hong
2023-2024 Student Trustee
[email protected]
 Malaika Kamanzi

Malaika Kamanzi
2023-2024 Student Trustee
[email protected]

Mail correspondence to trustees can be sent to 133 Greenbank Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 6L3

Student Trustees help shape Ontario’s education system for the betterment of the province’s 2.2 million students, and most importantly for the students of the OCDSB. 

What do Student Trustees do?

Student Trustees take on a variety of responsibilities and fulfill various roles. Student Trustees speak on behalf of the District’s nearly 75,000 students when attending meetings at the Board table, and across the province. Some of the responsibilities of a Student Trustee include the following: 

  • Serving as Chair of the OCDSB Student Senate; 
  • Serving as a non-voting advisory member of the OCDSB Presidents’ Council; 
  • Serving as members of Committee of the Whole and the Board of Trustees, Student Trustees are not able to participate in binding votes, but work to represent the voices and perspectives of students in Board discussions; 
  • Presenting Student Trustee reports to the Board of Trustees; 
  • Attending conferences hosted by the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association; 
    • Sitting on standing committees of OSTA-AECO 
    • Attending provincial advocacy meetings on behalf of OSTA-AECO 
  • Liaising with the superintendent responsible for student voice, staff advisor, and Board Services staff. 

What is the term of a Student Trustee? 

Student Trustees are elected for a one-year term, beginning on August 1st, and ending the following year, on July 31st. Additionally, Student Trustees are awarded a $2500 honorarium for a fully-completed term. 

How are Student Trustees supported in their role?

Each student trustee is given a budget for professional development and communication expenses. Information about items that are eligible for reimbursement are outlined in Procedure PR.529.FIN, Expense Procedure and Procedure PR.503.GOV, Trustee Expenses for Professional Development, Constituency Communications and Support Services. 

I have questions, who do I contact?

The current student trustees are always available to address your concerns and/or answer your questions.

If you have questions about Board policies and/or procedures or student trustee participation in Board and/or Committee meetings, you can contact Nicole Guthrie at [email protected]

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