Safe & Caring Schools

A positive school climate exists when we all can feel safe, valued, and know that we belong. It is the starting point for learning, achievement and well-being as well as the foundation.

Ensuring everyone can feel safe is the responsibility of all members of the OCDSB community.

Creating a positive school climate requires:

  • Building and sustaining authentic relationships based on trust, respect, and value of all community members
  • Promoting positive activities that engage, include, and empower school stakeholders
  • Prevention and Intervention strategies to avoid or address harmful situations 
  • Preparing and implementing protocols and responses to emergency safety risks  
  • Supporting students, staff and community members in the event of bullying, violence or tragedy 
  • Addressing inappropriate student behaviour with bias-aware approaches, repairing harm, and teaching skills that promote positive actions and building relationships.  

Our approaches are aligned with federal, provincial and local policies, laws, frameworks and partnership agreements. We are also guided by our commitment to upholding the human rights, Indigenous rights and dignity of each person as outlined in our Indigenous, Equity and Human Rights Roadmap.

New updated OCDSB policies (Approved April 2022):

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Have concerns or questions? Please contact your principal or visit our complaint resolution page for more information.

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