Board of Trustees

The twelve trustees of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board are elected for a four-year term through the municipal election process. The current Board of Trustees was elected in October 2022 and will serve until November 2026. The Board also has two student trustees.

The Board helps shape public education by setting priorities for student achievement and well-being. The Board does this through its strategic plan, the development of policies, and the adoption of the annual budget.

The responsibilities of school boards are set out in Ontario’s Education Act which states that every school board shall:

  • promote student achievement and well-being, a positive school climate that is inclusive and accepting of all pupils, and prevention of bullying;
  • ensure effective stewardship of the board’s resources;
  • deliver effective and appropriate education programs to its pupils;
  • develop and maintain policies and organizational structures that,
  • monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of policies developed by the board in achieving the board’s goals and the efficiency of the implementation of those policies;
  • develop a multi-year plan aimed at achieving the boards’ goals;
  • annually review the multi-year plan with the board’s Director of Education or the supervisory officer acting as the board’s Director of Education; and
  • monitor and evaluate the performance of the board’s Director of Education, or the supervisory officer acting as the board’s Director of Education, in meeting,

For more information contact Nicole Guthrie, Manager of Board Services at 613-596-8211, ext. 8643

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  • Nicole Guthrie

    Manager of Board Services

    613-596-8211 ext 8643
    133 Greenbank Road, Ottawa ON, K2H 6L3
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