Mental Health in Action: Parents

Mental Health in Action: Parents The OCDSB Mental Health Team is sharing a few tools and strategies to help parents and students prepare for the return to school. Read More

Navigating Transitions: A June Message from the OCDSB Mental Health Team
As the school year begins to wind down, here are a few strategies parents can use to support their child as they navigate this period of “ending”. Read More

Mental Health Week 2023
This year's Mental Health Week took place from May 1 - 7, 2023. This article shares some of the resources and challenges that were prepared by the OCDSB's Mental Health Team for students, staff members, and families. Read More

A May message from the OCDSB’s Mental Health Team: Finding Joy and Laughter in Parenting

This month, the OCDSB Mental Health Team prepared a message on the benefits of laughter in creating stronger family connections, increasing coping skills and rediscovering joy in parenting. Read More

An April Message from the OCDSB Mental Health Team: Positivity

Continue reading for a few tips from the OCDSB’s Mental Health Team on how you can use positivity as a mindset for both yourself and for your child(ren), especially when you encounter challenging situations. Read More

A March Message from the OCDSB’s Mental Health Team: Validating Emotions

Here are a few tips and strategies from the OCDSB's Mental Health Team on validating and responding to your child's emotions. Read More

Supporting Your Child's Mental Health and Well-Being

Watch the recording from our OCDSB Speaker Series Event, "Supporting Your Child's Mental Health and Well-Being". Read More

A February Message from the OCDSB’s Mental Health Team Relaxation and Coping Strategies for Parents and Caregivers
Making time to quiet your mind and body can be a challenge when balancing the many demands of family life, but integrating relaxation and coping strategies into your day can be a great way to help reduce stress for both you and your child(ren).
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A January Message from the OCDSB’s Mental Health Team
The OCDSB’s Mental Health Team has prepared a message for families, on how practicing gratitude can help improve mental health and wellbeing. Read More

Love Builds Brains: Bringing Joy Back to Learning, a Webinar with Dr. Jean Clinton 

In this virtual workshop, Dr. Clinton shared her knowledge and expertise with families on how through compassion, connection, and hope, we can create conditions for our children to flourish and thrive.

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A September Message to Parents and Guardians 

The OCDSB’s mental health team has gathered a few tips to help parents and guardians prepare themselves and their families for the return to school. 

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Resource Highlight: How to Support a Mentally Healthy Back to School for Your Child

As we approach the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, families may be feeling a number of different emotions about what this new school year will look like for them. A new resource created by School Mental Health Ontario provides parents and guardians with guidance on how to support a mentally healthy back to school season for their children. 

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Resource Highlight: A Video Message from SMHO on How to Support Your Child's Transitions

School Mental Health Ontario has created a video message for parents and caregivers called “By Your Side - How to Support Your Child's Transitions: A Message to Parents and Caregivers”. If your child is experiencing a transition in life, whether it’s returning to school, moving to a new neighbourhood, or something else, take a few minutes to watch this video to learn how you can help support them. 

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Webinar Recording: What to Say When Nothing Seems to Work, Communication through Connection (Guest Speaker Dr. Adele Lafrance)

On June 9, 2022, Dr. Adele Lafrance provided an informative and engaging webinar for parents and caregivers. This evidence-based virtual workshop provided concrete strategies to encourage cooperation, support transitions, and respond to difficult emotions like worry, anger, hopelessness, and boredom, all while ensuring the relationships remain at the forefront.

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Webinar Recording: Recognizing and Responding to Stress and Anxiety 

On May 17, 2022, Dr. Kristin Schaub and Jennifer Glassman provided an informative webinar about recognizing and responding to stress and anxiety. In a time when many are discussing the levels of stress and anxiety felt in children, the session provided an opportunity for parents and caregivers to better understand the differences between stress, fear, and anxiety, and offered practical strategies for parents and caregivers to support their children with feelings of stress and worry.

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Episode 2 of In Conversation with OCDSB: “It’s OK”

For the second episode of the OCDSB podcast, we spoke with Emily Balla, the OCDSB’s mental health lead, about mental health, wellness, and how parents can support children (and themselves) to better deal with the challenges that come our way.

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Mental Health Week is May 2-8

This year, Mental Health Week takes place from May 2-8. The theme of the week is Empathy, before you weigh in, tune in. We will explore this theme each day by learning about mindfulness, feelings, wellness, thoughtfulness, and fun!

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March 7th is Black Mental Health Day

Black Mental Health Day, recognized each year on the first Monday of March, is an opportunity to confront the impacts of anti-Black racism on the physical and mental health of Black Canadians.

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Guidance for Families to Discuss the Situation in Ukraine

In the past week, we have seen a dramatic increase in violence in Ukraine. These events may be deeply upsetting for many students, families, and staff members, particularly those who may have loved ones affected.

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Supporting Mental Health and Well-being

The surge in Omicron and the return to remote learning has left many families and students feeling a range of emotions. Follow the link below for tools and resources to help your family understand and cope with feelings of stress and worry. 

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