Be water safe

Be water safe
Posted on 06/14/2024
Be water safe

The weather is warmer and the water is inviting. But before anyone dips their toes, it’s important to remember a few safety tips. 


  • Always keep young children within arm’s reach in and around water.
  •  Put your phone down and don’t look away. Children require distraction-free supervision.
  •  Children or weaker swimmers should wear a lifejacket or personal flotation device in or near water. This includes when playing with floating toys, which can easily drift to deeper water.
  •  Model good behaviour. Everyone should wear a lifejacket when boating.
  •  Stay sober when swimming or supervising.
  •  Teach your child to be safe around water and aware of potential dangers.


  • Swim in areas where lifeguards are on duty.
  •  Know your limits when swimming
  •  Follow all signs and flags (red flags typically mean it’s unsafe to swim).
  •  Know the area. Be aware of potential risks like strong currents or deep water.
  •  Do not dive in unknown waters. Cautiously enter feet first.
  •  Do not swim alone. Swim with others who know how to swim or can supervise.
  •  Wear a lifejacket that fits when boating or if you’re a weaker swimmer (approved by Transport Canada)

If there’s trouble, yell for help and dial 911 immediately. If possible, it’s strongly recommended to learn to swim. 


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