Rapid Antigen Tests for Students and Staff

Rapid Antigen Tests for Students and Staff
Posted on 01/20/2022
Rapid Antigen Tests for Students and Staff

Starting this week, elementary and secondary students and staff will be provided with two take-home rapid antigen screening kits. These kits are intended for use by any child that attends a publicly funded school, regardless of their vaccination status. 

When to Use the Rapid Antigen Test Kit:

The  Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) are to be used when a student is exhibiting symptoms and is required to self isolate, or is a household contact of someone with symptoms and is required to self-isolate. 

Where an individual is experiencing  symptom(s) and does not have access  to a  PCR  test  or  RAT,  the individual  is presumed  to  have  COVID-19  based  on  their  symptoms.

Using the Take-Home Rapid Antigen Test Kit:

Please follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and use the following resources:

Parents or guardians may choose to administer the test on children who may need help.

What to do after your test:

  • If the student receives two negative results on tests taken at least 24 hours apart they may return to attending school as usual. Even if your child tests negative, they should continue to adhere to all relevant public health guidance, such as guidance on gathering, distancing, and masking.
  • A positive result on a rapid antigen screening test is considered a preliminary positive and your child should self-isolate in accordance with these guidelines

While providing students with rapid antigen test kits is an important tool for managing the spread of COVID-19, it is also important to remember that we all need to continue with key public health strategies that have been effective in keeping this pandemic under control, including staying home when sick, getting vaccinated, getting tested if you have symptoms, washing your hands frequently and wearing a mask.

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