ICP - Component 3

comp4International Experience and Engagement

This component requires you to commit to an international experience and engagement of at least 100 hours (locally or abroad) between Grades 9 and 12. This experience can occur as a one-time experience or through a series of experiences spread throughout your high school years, as indicated by the several options available:

Option A: A long-term international student exchange or study abroad program - Possibilities include a longer international exchange term (such as one month, one semester or a year-long exchange) with a student from another country OR a longer term one-way study abroad learning experience (such as one month, one semester or a yearlong term), both of which can be arranged through exchange organizations recognized through the OCDSB by consulting the OCENET website (

Option B:  A series of short-term overseas experiences - Possibilities include international travel through school approved trips OR family and/or community travel during official school holiday times that has a specific international learning focus, with PRIOR approval from your school’s International Certificate Advisor.

Option C: Active engagement in local activities or organizations with an international focus - Possibilities include participating in local community or non-governmental organizations that deal with international initiatives (such as WaterCan, Free the Children, Buy-A-Net, Right to Play Canada, etc.) OR active involvement in your school’s clubs with an international focus (such as a Multicultural Club, Model UN, Environmental Club, Global Citizen Club, Volunteer Club, etc.) OR mentoring an international newcomer to your school, including hosting an international student in your home.

Option D: A combination of Options A, B and/or C

NOTE: For students on school-approved trips, the maximum number of hours credited will be 8 hours per day.

Hours Requirement for International Experience and Engagement


Hours Required

Hours Required for an “Honours” Designation on Certificate

Option A
(long-term international exchange or study abroad)



Option B
(shorter overseas travel, such as school trips)



Option C
(participation in local internationally-focused organizations or school clubs)



Option D
(a combination of Option A, B and/or C)




*N.B.: An OCDSB student who is a member of a Homestay family may be credited with up to 50 hours (1 hour per day for up to 50 days) for hosting an international student; an international student may be credited with up to 50 hours (1 hour per day for up to 50 days) for living with a Homestay family. To learn more please visit the Homestay website.


Honours Option - If you obtain more than the minimum time commitments for International Experience and Engagement, you may qualify for an “Honours” designation on your Certificate.

Develop Cultural Competencies - Here are just a few of the proven benefits of these types of authentic learning experiences:

- Learning or improving another language
- Increasing global awareness
- Immersing yourself in another culture
- Making lifelong friendships
- Becoming more independent and confident
- Exploring opportunities for your future
- Hosting an international student in your family
- Traveling and visiting other countries and cultures
- Understanding differences and similarities between cultures
- Connecting personal experience with coursework
- Developing leadership skills
- Contributing to local and foreign communities
- Participating as a global citizen

This international experience component allows you great deal of personal choice and flexibility, and how this component is completed will vary greatly from student to student. If you are unsure if an international experience would qualify, please consult with your school’s International Certificate Advisor IN ADVANCE to obtain prior approval.

You are responsible for logging your activities and obtaining verification of the time commitment(s) with your school’s International Certificate Advisor at regular intervals.

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