ICP - Component 1

comp 1 International Languages and Intercultural Communication

This component of the OCDSB's International Certificate Program requires you to complete one credit in a language other than English or French AND to participate in an intercultural awareness workshop. Detailed information about both parts of this component are provided below. For more information please speak to your International Certificate Advisor, Guidance Counsellor and/or the International Education Coordinator.

Part A: International Languages - You must successfully complete at least ONE provincially accredited full credit course (110 hours) in one of the international languages (such as Arabic, Cantonese, German, Modern Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Somali, Urdu, Vietnamese, and many others) listed on the Ministry of Education website.

Many of these international languages may not be offered at your school, so this credit can be completed through the OCDSB’s Continuing Education programs, depending on availability.

Honours Option: If you obtain TWO credits in a language other than English or French OR ONE additional credit in another international language, you may qualify for an -Honours- designation on your Certificate.

For students who are newcomers to Canada during their high school years, any language credits in ESL, ELD, FSL and IL will be considered based on individual circumstances. Language credits will also be considered for: Native (Aboriginal) Languages OR American Sign Language / Braille OR An international language learning experience approved by your school’s Principal, the International Certificate Advisor, and the International Education Coordinator (for example, a long term student exchange or study abroard program in a non-English speaking country may qualify)

Part B: Intercultural Communication - You must successfully complete a 3.5-hour interactive "Intercultural Communication and Awareness Workshop." The workshop helps you to understand and appreciate the complexities of culture and to develop cultural competencies, in order to be able to participate with confidence in intercultural experiences such as an international exchange or study abroad program.

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